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March 14, 2018 Professional Development Meeting

March 14, 2018
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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GVSU University Club
Downtown Campus - Building C (see 6C on map)
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
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5:30 PM Registration/Networking
6:00 PM Hors d'oeuvres
6:30 PM Presentation

Location: GVSU University Club

PARKING:  Enter the Seward Parking Ramp (A-B5 on the attached map) from Lake Michigan Drive.  Tell the parking attendant that you are attending the APICS event.  He will hand you a parking pass to put in your driver-side window dash.

Note:  Our book event will return at the May PDM.  Please bring any books that you have and no longer need in your reference library to pass on to someone else. Please take the book(s) you want from the dozens of books available. 

"Everything You Wanted to Know About LEAN . . .  But Were Afraid to Ask!"

It seems at times that the business world has become obsessed with lean . . . and maybe it has. Ever since Henry Ford invented the assembly line, industrial innovators have constantly focused on improvement through a variety of different manufacturing and operating strategies. Lean manufacturing is a strategy that works to produce a high level of throughput with a minimum of inventory.

Originally a Japanese methodology known as the Toyota Production System designed by Sakichi Toyoda is a production practice that considers the use of resources for anything except creating value to the end customer to be wasteful . . . and therefore should be eliminated. Basically, lean is the effort to create more value with less work. That simply means identifying “non-value” activities and eliminating them.

In the end, success isn’t so much about applying expensive, complicated lean projects as much as it is about creating a lean culture where every person in the business understands and applies the basic principles and methods for identifying and eliminating waste. This kind of culture encourages and empowers every person to have a passion for making improvements to their process every day.

So where do you begin building this new kind of culture? The answer is you begin with a new understanding of how you look at your everyday activities. You have to ask the question, “What really adds the kind of value to the customer and to the business that is necessary to survive and grow in these competitive times?” What does NOT add value or promote growth are wasteful processes and practices. The use of simple but effective lean tools and methods make it possible for everyone in the business to identify and reduce waste.

This presentation will clearly teach the foundational understandings and the most common lean tools needed for you and your work team to begin applying lean concepts immediately to improve your work processes and gain productivity.

This will include:

  • Setting value and quality as a foundation for a continuous improvement culture.
  • Understand the need for standard work to take control of processes.
  • Identify 7 common wastes in business processes.
  • Recognize the impact of variability on a business.
  • Appreciate the power of applying standard work and its importance in the workplace.
  • An overview of common methods/tools that contribute to a lean environment.

Tom Schulte spent most of his career working at a Fortune 100 manufacturing facility. His experience over the years includes serving as Manufacturing Supervisor, Senior Training Consultant, Change Management Facilitator and Development Manager for Business Excellence

Tom has delivered hundreds of motivating, interesting, content-rich presentations to associations, corporations, conferences and civic organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Australia. He has been an invited speaker at most of the APICS International Conferences the past 25 years and was the highest rated speaker at the Conference many times. His ability to weave his years of business knowledge, life experiences and sense of humor into common sense presentations, combined with his enthusiasm and energy make his presentations and workshops dynamic, meaningful, motivating and fun to attend.

Tom currently works as a private consultant utilizing his knowledge and skills to help businesses “reawaken” the involvement, leadership, teamwork and spirits of their managers and associates. His belief in the power of each person to contribute combined with his respect for workers at every level make him credible and effective in bringing change and positive results to the workplace.

For questions or assistance with registration, please contact Kathy, Chapter Administrator: or (616) 490-8608.

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