Member Area

 Log In Procedures

There are several ways to experience the APICS-Grand Rapids Chapter  website:

1. Already have an APICS member ID?

Click on far right tab "Login" located near the top of the Home Page.  This will take you to the member login page.

On the login page, enter your APICS member ID (numeric ID)  and your password.  Click on the "go" button.

 You may change your password for security purposes.

2. Not an APICS member?

Click the "Join APICS Today" link on the far right side at the bottom of the Home Page or "Click here to join" in Member Area Login on the top left side of theHome Page.

To become a registered user, you will need to complete the required information on the profile page.  Registered users gain the ability to perform monetary transactions, participate in the Blog, and access some APICS-exclusive content.  We hope all members will take the time to update their profile with current information especially the contact information - email address, phone number, and mailing address.

3. Anonymous user?

Visitors have the option to browse and search the APICS-Grand Rapids Chapter website without registering.  However, to perform a monetary transaction, participate in the Blog, or gain access to some APICS-GR exclusive content, a visitor must sign up as a registered member (see option number 2 above).

4. Questions?
If you do not know your APICS member ID or for any other questions related to LogIn, please send an email  to Kathy, our Chapter Administrator at:  [email protected]  or [email protected]